Can you buy cheap clothes in Dubai?

Many people are interested in buying their properties in Dubai, therefore be it apartments for sale in Dubai, port de la mer apartments Dubai or bungalows for sale, people are happily buying all. Besides, amazing lifestyles, one thing that makes Dubai really take pride in itself are shopping areas.

Every shopper around the world cannot help singing the praises of shopping centres here. However, there are people who are a bit hesitant to shop from Dubai, as they believe that everything offered by this city of gold is almost as expensive as gold. This is not even closest to the truth, because Dubai is the city that does not see class and it is certainly not designed just for rich people.  Here, you would find, countless options stores and places that sell really good quality clothes at a competitive price.

Furthermore, every year at the World Trade Centre of Dubai, a Concept Big Brands sale is hosted. In this sale, one would even get discounts of as much as 80%. The retailers also use this event as an opportunity to sell off their old stock and to promote awareness for their brands. Other than this huge and fascinating business event, there are many stores where you can get the best quality branded products at incredibly cheap rates.

So let’s take a peek.

Dubai Outlet Mall

Located right at the heart of Dubai-Al Ain Road, this mall is can be seen from afar, because of its huge beautiful white dome. Furthermore, you would also find a big parking lot.

Since the Dubai Outlet Mall is not only famous, but it is also mostly open i.e. from 10 am to 10 pm and Monday to Sunday, this mall is a popular shopping place for most Emaratis. Furthermore, high street retailers and high-end designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Massimo Dutti etc. have also opened their outlet in this Mall.

What makes this mall the best among the crowd, is the fact that most shop owners would offer you 30% or more discount on premium quality products. Now, one might get suspicious and wonder why are the clothes being sold at such a low price.

Actually sometimes, renowned companies have to produce clothes in such a high quantity that, sometimes they make the clothes too big and sometimes too small. Also sometimes, during the manufacturing process, the cloth gets a little damaged. Therefore such small defects lead high-end brands to shave off the price by a huge degree.

Dragon Mart

Just as the name suggests, the Dragon Mall is a huge Chinese mall that is designed to look like a maze. Every product here is imported from China and everything here is shockingly cheap. However, before coming to this mall, you should keep your patience in check,  for in this mall there are long winding halls that take a while to get navigated through.

Everything but particularly the clothes at Dragon Mall are synthetic and cannot be returned back. Another thing that you should keep in mind, is that designer clothes would not be sold for super cheap. So you should try not to expect that you would get clothes from H & M and Matalan for a very less price.

Global Village

In this shopping mall, you can do a lot more than just shopping. As it is home to numerous different pavilions from a lot of countries, this place is more of an entertainment venue. Although here you would find has a lot of luxury products, one can also get their hands on lots of cheap clothing options.

In addition to entertainment and shopping, Global Village has a really peaceful atmosphere as it is usually cooler than the rest of Dubai from the months of April to November.

Al Karama

If you have sharp haggling skills, do yourself a favour and go to Al Karama, because at this amazing shopping area the price first quote is never the price one can settle on. It offers an adventurous shopping experience and you can get anything you want from here. So, be it the shoes, handbags, watches, souvenirs and clothing Al Karama offers all.

Sitting proudly in an older neighbourhood in the corner of beautiful Dubai Creek, Al Karama is miles away from sleek and super expensive malls in Dubai.

Since Dubai is not just a shopping paradise, but also a perfect place to live, you should do yourself a favour and get one of the off plan property Dubai!