How to do an image search on Google?

The Google search box is, in all probability, one of the tools that we will use the most times throughout our lives. Beyond text searches with keywords, Google offers you a whole world of possibilities in its search engine – from checking the speed of our internet connection to comparing the best flight rates -, as we saw recently. But another of the most useful functions of the Google search engine, and relatively unknown to many users, is an image search.


What is called a reverse search is simply using an image to find another image or text. What is it for? Thanks to this type of search, we can know, for example, if that photo that one of our contacts has just posted on Twitter or Facebook really corresponds to the event that he says, if it is a modified version, and where we can find the original source.



You can do a Yandex image search that is also very useful.  We can also expand information about a place, get that same image larger, discover what a famous person it is or where is that spectacular terrace overlooking the ocean.


Reverse search from PC

To search with images from your PC, you must open Google Images in your browser (image search is available in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox), and click on the camera icon in the search box. Google offers you different options to perform the reverse search:


  1. Drag the image to the search box.
  2. Copy and paste the URL of the image (if you found it browsing the internet).
  3. Upload an image from your device.
  4. Right-click on an image and select “Search Google for image”.



From the phone

Although the reverse search is not directly accessible on the mobile version of Google, you can also easily perform image searches from your smartphone or tablet. We explain how:


Open Google Images in the Google Chrome browser.


  • In the address bar, click on the three dots.
  • Select the option “Request PC site” or “Website for computers.”
  • You can now use the image search as if you were on your computer.


When it comes to image searches from your mobile, you must bear in mind, of course, two limitations: the PC website version will show you everything smaller (you will have to enlarge manually) and the option to drag the image to the box Search is designed for computers, so you will have to settle for pasting the URL or selecting the image that you have saved in your gallery.


If you can’t find what you were looking for or want to refine the results, you can also use these websites :


Reverse Photos. It allows you to search by images both on the computer and on mobile devices and shows you all the web pages that have similar images. It is useful for verifying the source of photos, WhatsApp images, screenshots, and memes. You can also lookup the profile picture of someone you’ve met on Tinder or Facebook to see if they’re not impersonating someone else.


Image Raider. In addition to doing reverse searches for images on Google from your smartphone, Image Raider allows you something very useful: if you add a photo or catalog of images to its repository, they will notify you in the event that a web page uses them. Whether you are a professional photographer or a private user, you can find out who uses your images without authorization, and also find the original source of a photo.



Yandex reverse image search is the best option when doing the reverse image search. As it provides the best results possible that no other search engine can provide