How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-300?

In accordance with the new role-based Azure certification course, Microsoft AZ-300 examination is the principal step towards getting a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect. This examination requires experienced candidates who are adept in roles such as Azure Development, Azure Administration and DevOps. And, they ought to have expert level skills in at any one of those domain names.

But by viewing these conditions, a few of you might feel like it would be rather unfeasible that you go to get a Microsoft AZ-300 Architect Technologies examination prep. This is not correct. In case you’ve got prior knowledge in the above-discussed domain names, you may easily pass the examination with the ideal approaches and reliable AZ-300 Architect Technologies examination study materials. Our aim is none other than to equip you with this test with the ideal AZ-300 exam prep strategies and research materials.

AZ-300 Fundamental Exam Requirements

The qualification criteria for AZ-300 exam dumps is indeed evident that makes individuals to easily understand that by simply reading the examination directions. Should you would like to take this examination, you have to have Azure Option Architect abilities who will counsel stakeholders and convert business requirements to scalable, reliable and safe alternatives. The candidates for this examination should have advanced level expertise and competence in identity, visualization, networking, business continuity, budgeting, information management, governance, and disaster recovery abilities.

As we’ve discussed, he/she ought to have the advanced level understanding in Azure Development, Azure Administration and DevOps and needs expert level skills in at any of those domain names. Thus, before beginning your AZ-300 examination prep, make certain you’re fulfilling the aforementioned criteria in any instance.

AZ-300 Exam Principles, Data, and much more

The Azure Assessment AZ-300 is the part of Microsoft Certification on Azure Solutions Expert. You may anticipate questions in between 40 to 60 in this examination. There’ll be different kinds of question formats in this test. The question types which may be requested in this exam incorporates active display, review display, the ideal response, mark inspection, assemble record, short response, case studies, replicated response options, drag & drop, multiple option, and hot place .

There’s not any negative marking for wrong responses. You simply don’t get any of all the probable things to get a question should you provide a wrong response. Prior to making the test hall, there’s also a provision to assess your responses.


If you’re residing in the USA, it is going to cost $165 to take this examination. But this pricing is subject to change to your geographic location and lots of other facets. You’re entitled to a reduced fee if you’re a Microsoft certified coach, Microsoft Partner Network application manhood, or Microsoft Picture Academy program manhood. Additionally, students may also get this type of fee reduction when they could submit their educational qualifications that are valid.

Assessment Scoring

You’re going to receive your examination results suggesting your pass/fail standing only a couple minutes after finishing your examination. Anyhow, to have an entire scorecard, you might need to await a couple of days. This printed scorecard includes various elements like your pass/fail standing, overall examination score, functionality in essential skill areas, as well as the strategies to translate your results. You require a score of 700 to pass on the examination. Any score greater than or equal to 700 will be pronounced as “pass”, otherwise “neglect’.

Exam Retake Policy

If a candidate doesn’t receive a passing score on this test in first time, he/she needs to wait 24 hours to retake the examination. If it occurs for the next time, the candidate should await at least 14 days to retake the examination. With this manner, there’s a maximum of 5 looks allowed for a test annually. When a candidate has passed an examination, he/she can’t take that examination again in ordinary conditions.

Exam Cancellation Policy

There aren’t any extra fees if you cancel or reschedule your examination at least 6 weeks before your appointment. If this cancellation/rescheduling occurs within 5 business days, a minimal fee will be implemented. If you could not look for the examination or you did not cancel/reschedule your examination at least 24 hours before your appointment, you will forfeit your entire examination fee spent about the enrollment of this AZ-300 exam.

How to Register to AZ-300 Exam?

The enrollment of AZ-300 begins from the corresponding page on Microsoft Learning portal site. There, you will see a URL to schedule the examination. On this link, you will be redirected to the Microsoft’s examination registration page where you need to log in with your legitimate Microsoft email address. When you login to the page, you need to fill a form with your Name, address and project function. The following page is an accounts linking page for Microsoft workers to avail examination benefits. If you aren’t a Microsoft employee, then you can bypass this linking segment and proceed to another page.

Additional examination registration will be finished on the portal site of Pearson VUE, Microsoft official examination spouse. For AZ-300 examination, you are going to see different test delivery choices within this portal site. You will have choices like local test center, certiport test facility and home delivery alternatives within this portal site. Here, each one of the choices has its merits and demerits.

You are able to pick an alternative based on your convenience. If you’re opting for a local test center, you might need to find a suitable test center convenient for you. Whichever option you select, you need to correct a date and time for test shipping. As soon as you correct the date and time, you are able to move to another phase.

After fixing your examination appointment, there is just 1 step before taking the examination. Yes, it’s the time when you may pay your examination fee. From the checkout page, you can make payment with mainly all of the kinds of debit/credit cards you are having. However, make certain that you validate the appointment prior to payment processing.

Modules in AZ-300 Assessment You Want to Understand about

There are a total of 5 modules or topics that you want to understand before beginning your AZ-300 examination prep. These modules are all designed in ways to effectively assess a candidate’s abilities and expertise necessary for the assessment. Below, you can see the listing of test modules for your AZ-300 exam.

1. Configure & Deploy Infrastructure

Maybe this could be the most significant examination module that you’ve got to concentrate through your AZ-300 examination prep. The relative burden of those questions which may be requested from this segment is 25-30 percent. Here you have to learn tasks like analyzing resource usage & intake, making & configuring storage accounts, making & configuring a Virtual Machine (VM) for both Linux & Windows, Automation of VM deployments, handling and implementing digital networking, handling Azure Active Directory (AD), handling and executing hybrid identities, as well as the production of connectivity between virtual networks.

2. Implementing Workloads & Security

Contemplating yourAZ-300 examination prep, there’s a high significance of the module on the examination. You may anticipate a relative burden of 20-25% queries from this section. You need to understand several jobs as part of the module such as configuration of server less calculating, migration of servers into Azure, implementing program load balancing, integration of social network using Azure digital network, handling role-based access control (RBAC), and implementing multi-factor authentication.

3. Creating & Deploying Apps

Though it’s a smaller part with a comparative burden of 5-10%, it insures two major skill areas needed to get an Azure architect. If you’re a candidate who is going through AZ-300 examination prep, you want to be familiar with invention of web programs using PaaS (Platform as a Service) in this module. You also need to know the design and growth of programs that operate in Azure containers.

4. Securing Data & Implementing Authentication

This module may comprise questions ranging from 5-10percent of the overall questions which may be asked in the examination. Here, you have to understand how to implement authentication using certificates, forms, tokens, Azure AD, etc.. Additionally, you have to learn about executing safe data options at rest and in transit and utilize Azure Confidential Compute & SSL/TLS communications, and lots of relevant jobs.

5. Create for your Cloud

Within this module, your responsibilities include setup of message-based integration structure of Azure services along with also the execution of auto-scaling principles and patterns. These routines include system diagrams, schedule, and code which addresses singleton application cases etc.. The relative burden of the section is 20-25percent which makes it difficult to bypass on your AZ-300 examination prep. Certya provides the reliable and updated AZ-300 exam dumps.

Well, you would have come to understand with all of the essential modules to your AZ-300 examination prep. Each one of these modules has its importance even once you consider the burden related to the different modules. Thus, try to undergo sub-areas of each module through your AZ-300 examination preparation, also maintaining the weight variable in mind.

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